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Under a Bear Moon

Author: Carrie S. Masek
Reviewed by Jessica McCurdy-Crooks

10110403Animal shelter volunteer and high school student Lynda Malone was drawn to the mysterious new student, Greg Ursek. What she didn’t know is that the handsome teen was not all he appeared to be. Is he a man or beast or a combination of both?

Things came to ahead when Greg had to rescue Lynda from a gang of hoodlums. In so doing he placed his life at risk, and exposed his family’s closely guarded secret. Will love conquer all?

Under a Bear Moon is Greg’s and Lynda’s journey into a world that few know exists, but friendship and love, young love, must triumph. Can her faith in him help her to conquer the unknown world of folklore and see only through the eyes of love?

You’ll have to read this wonderful YA to find out. The book will keep you turning the pages until the end.

Carrie Masek has written an engaging YA fantasy. There is enough mystery and fantasy to satisfy lovers of fantasy regardless of age and sex. There is something for everyone.


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